Your partner in leading high-impact technology projects

With over a decade’s experience building software and leading teams, I steer companies towards increased productivity and profitability.

How I can help you

I’m a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and advisor. As a designer and full-stack developer, I’ve personally built and sold several businesses and now I use my experience to help others.


Short-term and long-term plans focused on client and product growth for your business.

Design & Development

The design and optimisation of your landing pages, software and sales funnels.

Growth Marketing

Actionable marketing and growth strategies learned from converting hundreds of thousands of users.

Proven experience

I always try to remain relevant

Startup growth

I’ve been instrumental in helping businesses secure over $6M in funding, guiding them successfully from seed through Series A, all the way to acquisition.

AI / machine learning

I specialize in integrating large language model (LLM) APIs, enhancing data-driven decision-making, data processing and reporting for businesses.

Research & development

In government and academic initiatives, I craft comprehensive project briefs, significantly contribute to research outputs and lead teams to success.

Streamlining workflows

As an expert in refining business processes through creative platform integrations and workflows, I keep organizations agile and ahead in the digital age.

Digital marketing

I craft distinct digital identities, elevating companies’ online presence and market reach. My strategic approach to branding blends creativity with analytics.

Software development

Fluent in both front-end and back-end development, I design and develop software applications and platforms that precisely meet business needs.

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