5 Rules for Ethical Monetization

Most entrepreneurs just starting out tell me that directly charging for their work feels gross.

It’s so just much easier when a 9-5 pays you…

Here’s 5 rules for “ethical” monetization that will help you remove that queasy feeling:

Rule #1: Value Proposition

Most people who try to monetize think bombarding customers with ads or upsells is the way. Fake timers and artificial urgency.

No, that’s gross. Do the opposite. Make quality content available for free at all times.

If they want more, they’ll pay.

Providing *real value* is what keeps customers coming back.

Rule #2: Transparent Pricing

People don’t want hidden fees or complex pricing structures.

Be clear and honest about how they are charged and what they get.

Info products are great – just explain their value.

Rule #3: Respect User Privacy

It takes people a long time to learn this one.

Success isn’t about exploiting user data for quick profits.

I have old email lists with tens of thousands of users on them. But I don’t use them for irrelevant reasons.

It’s about practicing respect for privacy over and over again—until one day, you achieve a loyal customer base.

Rule #4: Diverse Revenue Streams

This one is my favorite.

Whether you are a tech guru, a creative entrepreneur, or a business leader, this rule will always apply.

I aim for at least 3 revenue streams at all times.

Mine are:
• software development
• graphic design
• teaching (traditionally IRL but now online)

Rule #5: Align Monetisation with Your Values

This is true for most things in life.

Don’t maximize profits at all costs.

Instead, be more concerned with aligning your revenue strategies with your personal values.

Follow these rules, and making money online won’t make you feel queasy anymore.

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